People’s Champion: Behind The Battle [Video]

By now, millions of people have seen the viral video sensation that is Eli Porter’s Iron Mic Battle. Love it or hate it, “I deed it” is now in the Internet lexicon (Ask Kanye). So when I heard that a documentary was getting made about Eli and the now famous video, I thought it was gonna be a on a joking level. But when I saw the trailer for the film, I understood that the filmmakers were going a different route. And I must admit, the movie came out pretty interesting.

Not only do you hear comments about the Iron Mic Battle video from people like Dallas Penn, Modi, The Rosenthal Brothers, Jay Smooth, & Andy Milonakis, the filmmakers also tracked down all the participants who were involved in the actual video.

It’s a nice 30 minute watch. If you’re moved by the film, you can donate here to Trent Babbington & Walker Warren (The makers of People’s Champion: Behind The Battle). Supposedly, this is the first of a two part project so it may help the process.