Read What These Celebrities Said About ‘My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy’

Kanye West is one of his generation’s most well-known musicians, whether for the right or wrong reasons. This means that everyone has an opinion on the hip hop star, and people are not scared of sharing that opinion. 

This is even the case when it comes to celebrities. So when Kanye released arguably his greatest album, My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy, in 2010, many comments were flying around about the record. 

Thanks to an investigation by Online Casino Betway, some of those comments can now be spotlighted in the following article. So if you wanted to know what celebrities had to say about My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy, you’re in the right place. 

Universal acclaim 

Yes, Kanye was once deemed a “jackass” by Barack Obama after a certain incident with Taylor Swift. Yet when it comes to his musical accomplishments, famous figures are usually a lot more complimentary about Ye. 

This is especially the case when describing My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy, which is widely regarded as a masterpiece. Legendary comedian Chris Rock went one step further than simply using that word for the album. “It’s the best album of the last 50 years. It’s got something for everybody,” claimed Rock.  

It wasn’t just those outside the music biz who were full of plaudits for MBDTF. Pusha T declared that the album was a showcase of “GOAT-level rap”. Nicki Minaj, who had a showcase verse on one of the album’s most memorable tracks, “Monster”, had particular praise for Kanye himself: “I credit him with bringing out something miraculous in me.”

The acclaim for MBDTF also went beyond the realm of hip hop. Elton John had this to say when the album was brought up: “I’m on the new Kanye West record. It’s a genius record.” Another icon of the music world, Paul McCartney, was also an unlikely source of glowing praise for the record. “That was the record of Kanye’s that I really envied,” stated the former Beatle. 

The verdict of the critics: an all-time classic

As you would expect from the praise given by the aforementioned celebrities, it was the same type of feedback from the music critics. 

Their thinking wasn’t far from Rock’s declaration that MBDTF is the finest album of all time. The record has a seriously impressive 94 rating on Metacritic. This places it not just within the top five rap records of all time on the platform, but it currently occupies the #14 spot for the greatest album of all time. 

Unsurprisingly, a large assortment of publications felt that MBDTF was the finest album of 2010. The love for the album didn’t wane, either, as nine major platforms, including the New York Post and Rolling Stone, felt Kanye’s finest was the best of the entire decade. Considering it came out at the start of said decade, this illustrates the lasting appeal of MBDTF – and why it is viewed as one of the most important hip hop albums of the 21st century.