The nappyafro Staff

Certified Banger: Ophilia

We've been trying to get pictures of Latoya "Ophilia" Bledsoe to be featured here ever since she was rocking blonde hair and was stuntin' in 50 Cent's "I G...

Certified Banger: Nikki B

This week's Certified Banger may only have three pictures, but Nikki B still shows why she was Kanye's choice of Eye Candy in this month's XXL Magazine (Sh...

Certified Banger: Envy

This girl only has one name: Envy. I'm sure we can all see why. We can all also see why she only needs one name. Certified. Source: SHOWGirlzExcl...

Certified Banger: Bubbles

We're all happy to see Bubbles' open up her new website. We're more happy that we get to see more of Bubbles. With all the pictures gathered here, we're su...
The nappyafro Staff

The nappyafro Staff

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