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Certified Banger: Eve

Eve. Such a simple name for a woman this bad. Actually I hear her government is Ivelisse Pietri. But shit, I'll call her whatever she wants. Certified. (Pr...
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The Playlist (Vol. #2)

I (once again) ask the crew to submit a few tracks that are in their current rotation. In the next installment I'm gonna  take Chew's suggestion and find a ...
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The Playlist (Vol. #1)

Running a website that focuses on reviewing Hip-Hop albums (With mostly track by track reviews), can make it hard to actually listen to the music you want. ...

Certified Banger: Halie

Halie is straight killing them with the black in this set. After looking at this we're need more Halie in the Banger section. Certified. (Props to The Cuti...

Certified Banger: Natasha

Even though it's hasn't been that long so since Natasha has graced the Certified Banger column, we had to bring NaNa back. Matter of fact, this set may be ...
The nappyafro Staff

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