DMF of the Week: Tiger Woods


Unless you were away from the internet, TV, and radio, by now you have heard a little about Tiger Woods’ recent troubles. I’m definitely not one to kick a man while he is down, but I had to dust off the old coveted DMF award for him. Why?

It’s not for getting caught getting some strange on the side.

It’s not for letting one of the side chicks be a former contestant of VH1’s Tool Academy.

It’s not for allegedly getting beaten down by his wife and then running over a fire hydrant in a car at 2am (At least it was a Cadillac).

It’s not even for (Stupidly) leaving a voice mail in one of the side chicks’ phone asking her to help cover up the infidelity (US Weekly is paying out money too).

It’s for being a f@ckin’ billionaire and not having a “Personal Assistant” (See Entourage‘s Turtle) to handle all these affairs and cover all this shit up for you.

I’m sure Tiger Woods, being the icon he is, will bounce back from all this foolishness. But for now homie, you’ve earned this week’s Dumb Motherf@cker Award.