nappyafro.com was born on January 15, 2007 and was made because King Jerm & B-Easy wanted to debate and dissect Hip-Hop with an audience outside of work, the block, & the barbershop. It also was started after B-Easy was fired from his job (For the third time. Same job). Pimpin’ Snooky also had a hand is the site’s creation but that’s another story…

Album Reviews
This may be considered our bread and butter. We do track-by-track album reviews because back in the day when reading Hip-Hop publications like The Source or XXL, we hated when they skipped over songs in their album reviews. The way we review albums stops this from happening.

Be it talking about sports, professional wrestling, movies, and all of the above, we always try to come at it with a Hip-Hop angle. We mostly call our articles columns to help spotlight the authors’ point of view or to keep with the subject matter.

The mighty FROCAST is the official weekly audio podcast of nappyafro (Running since 2009). There’s also a professional wrestling podcast called The FRO Horsemen as well as a movie podcast called The Watching Movies & Shit Podcast. All of these are audio dope. (Usually Fridays)

Certified Bangers
a.k.a. the lovely ladies that serve as eye candy on nappyafro. It was said earlier that our reviews is the thing we’re most know for. That may have been a lie. According the stats it seems like our Certified Bangers section is our most popular feature. What can we say? You’re welcome. (Tuesdays/Fridays)

The Forums
The nappyafro Forums has had a weird existence. It’s times when it’s a ghost town and it’s times when we have 60,000+ views on a single topic. But mostly it’s used for stuff not yet ready for the main site. Go check it out; you might like it. Closed.