The Boondocks: Season 4 Episode 9 (“Stinkmeaner: Begun the Clone War Has”) [Video]

Stinkmeaner Begun the Clone War Has

It’s the next to last episode of The Boondocks so it’s as good a time as any for the return of Stinkmeaner (Well, it’s technically a clone of Stinkmeaner but whatever). It’s also another Granddad heavy edition and even though I’ve been complaining about that most of this season, this wasn’t a bad episode.

The episode deals with America’s the world’s obsession with fight videos and how we sometimes forget to do the right thing. It would have been cool if there was a “Worldstar!” yell during Stinkmeaner & Granddad’s multiple fight scenes, but I’ll take what I can get. Next week is supposed to be the last episode (maybe ever) for The Boondocks but before that, here are more thoughts about this week’s episode, “Stinkmeaner: Begun the Clone War Has”:

  • “I can’t see how a man can achieve a quality erection after getting beaten that bad.” – Uncle Ruckus
  • Apparently, Mr. Rogers is the opposite of a nigga.
  • Yes, that was Yoda talking to Granddad and yes that was Stinkmeaner dressed as Darth Vader. That Star Wars parody kinda came out of nowhere.
  • “Granddad, you do this you really gonna be a bitch ass nigga. I mean, I shouldn’t be surprised cause if I google ‘bitch nigga’ I’ll find you, but damn.” – Riley Freeman
  • “Then why’d you come? Nigga you could’ve told me you was a bitch over the phone!” – Stinkmeaner
  • Is this Ed Wuncler, Sr. first appearance of this season? What’s up Edward Asner?
  • Chicken & sugar water sponsors Stinkmeaner’s sketch comedy show on TBS
  • Was it on purpose that Granddad looked like Sagat from Street Fighter during the final fight scene?