R&B Sunday: JoJo – “Joanna”

Black people love JoJo. I swear ever since her debut single, “Leave (Get Out)” way back in 2004, there have been POC staning for her. Unfortunately, the young singer had to grow up and fight the music industry, battling her label, Blackground Records and its CEO, Barry Hankerson. (Did you know that JoJo re-recorded her first two albums because she has no rights to them and like Aaliyah, Hankerson keeps JoJo’s music off of streaming platforms?) Preparing to release her following project after 2016’s Mad Love, the new Warner Records signee dropped the video for her self-titled single this past Friday.

Also, I got to hear her and PJ Morton on the radio the last time I was in Shreveport. R&B music is still alive and well.