FROCAST: Episode #400

Well, we’ve reached another milestone with this podcast…400 episodes! It all started back in 2009 with Saule, transformed into B-Easy and Jerm. Then Saule joined Easy and Jerm for a minute, then GQ was introduced to the show. Easy weaseled his way out, so it was Saule, GQ, and Jerm for a minute. GQ got elected as alderman, so he had to resign, so it was Jerm and Saule. Some would call this stretch “the Golden Years” of The FROCAST. All great things must come to an end, and Saule went to chase his dreams as a male model. A drastic change was made to the show…we added a full time woman’s perspective! Enter Queen Jerm and the dynamic wouldn’t EVER be the same again! I just ran down the entire history of the show in this write up! 400 episodes of this…PRESS PLAY BIH!!!

Listen Below:

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