Notable Tracks: J. Cole, Boldy James, & Sauce Walka

It feels like I have been putting out these Notable Tracks posts at a pretty good rate (which surprises even me). This edition is a bit different, as all the songs featured here were recently added to the Official nappyafro Playlist. Let’s dive in.

J. Cole feat. Daylyt & Ab-Soul – “Pi”

Weirdly enough, despite how much I listen to music, I didn’t check out Might Delete Later until recently. In hindsight, J. Cole deciding not to beef with Kendrick Lamar was the right move. However, when he removed “7 Minute Drill” from the project, it felt like Cole wasn’t fully behind all the songs on Might Delete Later. Regardless, I listened to it recently and enjoyed it. My favorite song is “Pi,” featuring Daylyt and Ab-Soul. Lyrics over soul samples always get me. (I’m still trying to figure out if Cole’s “Now please, hold yo’ L like you guardin’ Philly’s young center” is a good line or not.)

I’ve personally known Daylyt was the truth since “First Breath.” I’m happy he’s no longer known as the guy with the crooked Spawn face tattoo who defecated on stage during a rap battle.

Boldy James & Conductor Williams – “Flying Trapeze Act”

In the past few years, I have become a Boldy James fan. Pairing him with certain producers only enhances his sound. Add Conductor Williams to the list of producers Boldy sounds good with; thankfully, they recently dropped a joint project, Across the Tracks. Almost all the songs are worth a listen, but “Flying Trapeze Act” stood out to me. I wouldn’t be surprised if it ends up on my Best of 2024 list.

Sauce Walka – “Justin Credible’s Freestyles #180”

I have been singing Sauce Walka‘s praises since “First Testament” and “Dangerous Daringer,” but he’s been a problem way before that. Here he is freestyling over “Hard Knock Life,” showing why he might be one of the most underrated rappers out there. Education for the nation.