A Quick Breakdown of the 2024 XXL Freshman Class

XXL has just released their new Freshman Class for 2024. While I continue to question the relevance of this list in today’s era, it also serves as an annual reminder of how old and out of touch I am with recognizing these new rappers. Let’s go.

BigXthaPlug: Off to a bad start. I thought this was Bfb Da Packman.

That Mexican OT: I know who That Mexican OT. If you saw a Mexican rapping with a rooster, you have too.

Lay Bankz: Lay Bankz has that song “Tell Ur Girlfriend” so I know her too. I initially thought it was a song from the 90’s or something.

BossMan Dlow: Out of all the rappers on this list, BossMan Dlow might have the most influence. Even though people say he makes the same song over and over again, you have at least heard a song if you have been out in the streets (Real or digital).

Rich Amiri: I don’t know who this is. He sounds like Future though.

ScarLip: I am happy ScarLip made the list. Even though she was initially pegged as an alternative to the current crop of female MCs, she is now apologizing for twerking. Sill happy for her.

Hunxho: The first time I heard about Hunxho it was about him dating Keyshia Cole, I thought they was talking about Quavo. Not familiar with the music though.

4Batz: His debut kinda came and went so maybe he can finally dodge the industry plant accusations. I know 4Batz and I think we all still like “act ii: date @ 8”.

Maiya The Don: I don’t know Maiya The Don but I am surprised we got two women on this list and both are from New York.

Cash Cobain: I thought Cash Cobain was gonna be a one and done with “Fisherrr” but it looks a lot of people were wrong as he is the leader of the “sexy drill” wave.

Skilla Baby: Skilla Baby is a name I recognize but I really couldn’t name a song or lyric. Kinda weird.