Baby & Lil’ Wayne’s XXL Cover: Gay Or Not Gay


King Jerm vs. B-Easy The internet has been buzzing about the upcoming September XXL cover. With all the talk about Weezy and Birdman’s relationship, we ask the question; does this cover look a little gay? (Once again, vote and tell us what you think)


King Jerm’s Pick: Not Gay

People, what is so gay about this cover? Stunna is Weezy’s daddy. The problem with them being so affectionate towards each other is a lot of us don’t know fatherly love. Maybe Birdman has been a daddy to Wayne and that dude just giving him his due. However the cover is gangsta! That is HIP-HOP!

B-Easy’s Pick: Gay

The problem with this cover is that Birdman is not Lil’ Wayne’s daddy. What’s up with all the tattoos of each other (Birdman has Weezy on his chest; Wayne has “Baby” on his arm). With all the rumors of homosexuality and pictures of them kissing each other on the internet, why did XXL feel the need to put them on their 10thAnniversary issue with their shirts off?