Had A Spark When You Started, Now You Just Garbage: Mike Jones


We had to bring this segment back, this time with a new honoree to add to the Hall of Shame! The lucky winner is Mike Jones! Yeah, this one has been a long time coming. After giving him a shot, he let us down! He had the best marketing strategy in Hip-Hop of all time. You know the number, “2-8-1-3-3-0-8-0-0-4!” Damn, I remember that number! But all the hype couldn’t disguise the fact that the dude couldn’t make good songs! Okay your gimmick was to repeat your lines. So basically you are only giving 8 Bars a verse? You released an album in 2005, and you haven’t followed up with anything yet? So what is your excuse, your supposed album gets shelved and turns into an EP? How did that happen? The Houston movement has slowed down, and no one is checking for you anymore. So what are you going to do to reinvent yourself? Why don’t you dead the beef with your old buddies, make a super group, so all you guys can get a piece of the pie! I write this in sadness, because I liked “Back Then” probably because Jay-Z did a remix, but I did like the message! So with a heavy heart, I’d like to inform everyone that the newest member of the club is…Mike Jones! You had a spark when you started, now you just garbage!