Would You Go To DMX’s Church?


We don’t like kicking people when they are down, so this isn’t that type of party. DMX won the DMF of the Year award, but we didn’t really want him to win. We love DMX over here at tha ‘Fro. So Earl, get better! DMX did an interview from and Arizona jail recently and Earl looked like a different person. Earl even sounded different. He had put on some weight, grown some hair, and seemed better mentally. I was relieved to see that Earl was doing fine. I listened to the interview and when Earl mentioned that he was making a gospel album didn’t surprise me. Most people that go to jail find some type of spirituality between those bars. However, his most shocking statement was his wanting to become a minister. I felt funny about it at first, but then I thought about it; why COULDN’T someone like Earl become a minister? He has gone through many trials and tribulations, and who are we to say that he didn’t get the calling to do it? Saying that, I was wondering this: If DMX did become a minister, would you go to his church? I would, that would be one of the best church experiences ever. I don’t think I could become a member, but I would drop in from time to time.

DMX Jailhouse Interview