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2011 Predications + Hopes

Okay, I know this is totally biting Maino’s concept track but is it such a bad idea to post up some of my own ideas? Plus I know it’s almost February but no...
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The Best 30 Rappers Over 30

A few Tuesday’s ago (May, 19th to be exact) we saw album releases from Busta Rhymes, Method Man/Redman, & of course, Eminem. This was so far the biggest...
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Friday Night ‘Fro: Belly

I got some e-mails about how some of my recent movie picks featured on Friday Night 'Fro didn't really relate to Hip-Hop. Well to answer that; I thought tha...
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Would You Go To DMX’s Church?

We don’t like kicking people when they are down, so this isn’t that type of party. DMX won the DMF of the Year award, but we didn’t really want him to win. ...
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2008 DMF Of The Year: DMX

When I chosen to do this column, I questioned whether giving him this award would really help in the rehabilitation. However, this is nappyafro, and votes w...
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iPod Hustle: The Madd Rapper

Reppin’ Brooklyn to the fullest and wearing his hate for rich rappers as a badge of honor, The Madd Rapper is quite frankly hilarious. As the creation and a...