Christina Ricci In A Blue Dress [Video]

Now there are many reasons Buffalo ’66 gets the nod to being on my all time favorites list (Besides it being a great film): I identify with the depressed unlikable main character Billy Brown (Played by Vincent Gallo who also directed Buffalo ’66), I’ve always liked movies with a 1 day time frame, and it does have a talented cast.

But honestly, I think one big reason is because of the character Layla (Played by Christina Ricci). Besides being immediately down for her man, which may have been attributed to a small case of stockholm syndrome, you can’t deny that Wednesday Adams looked sexy as hell in this movie. Yea, you may have saw more skin in Black Snake Moan, but Christina was carrying an extra 10-15 pounds in Buffalo ’66…and she’s has never looked better since.

Sidenote: Don’t hate too much on the video above. I was playing around and it looked like a good way to get back into editing; It’s been a while.