2Pac – Unreleased & Original (Compilation Vol. 7) [Mixtape]

Here we go with the latest Unreleased & Original installment with the late great Shakur. Still, one of the hardest working men in show business!

I had a request to put the original version of “Loyal To The Game” which I declined at first since it is on the original Above The Rim soundtrack tape as a bonus track but since a lot of people don’t have it or never heard this song I decided to put it up anyways. I put up some original & unreleased early-mid 90’s Pac joints as well.

I put the unreleased “Come With Me Interlude” featuring Danny Boy which was suppose to be on All Eyez On Me. I assume Daz did the beat since he was dropping some of the most funkiest underrated beats during that time period.

Also I had to put up 1996 version of “When I Get Free” which was suppose to be on All Eyez On Me but they scratched it out. They end up remixing it and putting it on Until The End Of Time album. The OG version samples Al B Sure’s “Night N Day”.

I also threw up the Original Version of “Smile” with Scarface. Most people never heard this version and I’m sure Devante made this beat. It sound like something he would make.

If you noticed on the original version of “Good Life”, Pac gives a shout out to Goodie Mob in the beginning. Goodie Mob was actually in the studio with Pac when he recorded this song and “Hit ‘Em Up” before the Jay-Z part got edit out. It’s a video on YouTube that shows Pac telling his crew to let Goodie Mob come in. I hope there is a unreleased Goodie Mob & Pac song out there! Also “Good Life” is on Until The End Of Time but they broke the beat down differently and added different instruments. Edi’s verse is different on the Until The End Of Time version.

Also I put the original version of “Until The End Of Time” featuring K-Ci & Jo Jo and also original version of “Thug’s Mansion”. Johnny J be getting down with the beats and I don’t know why they always change the originals up!

I included an interview where he talks about overrated rappers to end off the mixtape.

Alright I’m through with the writing and I’ll let the music speak for itself and I hope everybody is enjoying this. Stay tune in for Volume 8! I’ll include the next unreleased song from One Nation album. Also I’ll include original “Thug’s Mansion” with the unreleased freestyle verse along with “Breathin'” original with the unreleased second verse.

*I noticed every time I make a mixtape its a song I be wanting to put on but I keep forgetting!*


1. Enemies With Me (Original) (feat. Dramacydal, Thug Life, & Stretch)
2. Danger Time (Unreleased) (feat. Live Squad)
3. What Goes On (Unreleased) (feat. Mouse Man & Wycked)
4. Loyal To The Game (Above The Rim Bonus) (feat. Treach & Riddler)
5. Don’t Sleep (True Original) (feat. Lil’ Big, Outlawz, & Nutso)
6. When I Get Free ’96 (Original)
7. Good Life (Original) (feat. Big Syke & Edi) *Goodie Mob shoutout in beginning*
8. Happy Home (Original)
9. Words To My First Born (Original) (feat. Nutso)
10. Until The End Of Time (Original) (feat. K-Ci & Jo Jo)
11. Thugz Mansion (Original)
12. Better Dayz (Original Solo Version)
13. Smile (Original) (feat. Scarface)
14. This Ain’t Living (Original)
15. Come With Me Interlude (Unreleased) (feat. Danny Boy)
16. Ballad Of A Dead Soulja (Original)
17. Street Life (Unreleased) (feat. Prince Ital Joe, Val Young, & Snoop Doggy Dogg)
18. Talk About Overrated Rappers (Interview)

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