Young Jeezy feat. Lil’ Wayne – “Ballin'” [Video]

The music video for Young Jeezy‘s “Ballin'” is kinda weird. Not exactly Bjork music video weird but I guess kinda odd.

First off, the video gets a lotta inspiration for the 1994 basketball film Above The Rim (Which makes sense). In “Ballin'” Jeezy plays Birdie (Tupac’s character in Above The Rim and the film’s antagonist) while Freddie Gibbs plays the role of Kyle (Played in the original movie by Duane Martin). I was hoping Weezy would play as Bugaloo, but I don’t think he was that available for the video shoot.

Well, the odd thing is that if you seen Above The Rim, you know that in the end (Spoiler alert) Birdie tries to get Kyle shot. And it’s played out almost just like that in the “Ballin'” video. So Jeezy s the bad guy in his own video? Maybe he just wanted play Tupac? Or maybe I’m over analyzing (I think that’s it).

Check out the “Ballin'” music video and tell us what you think. TM103 on the way.