Hologram Tupac Can Sell Records Too

As if it’s a shock to anybody, the appearance of 2Pac‘s hologram at Coachella gave a boost in his album sales. Yea, I know Dr. Dre said it was only for use at the festival, but looking at this numbers I sure some (more) calls are being made behind the scenes:

Following the hologram’s Coachella performance, Tupac Shakur’s Greatest Hits album popped back up in the Billboard 200 (at No. 129) for the first time since 2000; meanwhile, the two songs performed by the hologram saw a 1,530 percent (“Hail Mary”) and 881 percent (“2 of Amerikaz Most Wanted”) sales increase, respectively.

I know there has been a lotta “Which celebrity is coming back in hologram form” talks and debates recently, but for the estates that wasn’t on board before, this may have made the decision for them. Don’t be surprise if Dre changes his mind about taking the hologram on tour too.

Source: Billboard via Vulture