Nas feat. Rick Ross – “Accidental Murderers”

By my calculations, which means I’m just looking at my iTunes, this is like the 4th time Nas & Rick Ross has appeared on the same track. I point this out because of all the rappers from the early 90’s, Nas is one I didn’t think the younger generation of rappers like Maybach Music or Young Money would embrace. But they are and it’s working for him.

For “Accidental Murderers”, I’m pretty sure that when producers Salaam Remi & No I.D. were making the beat, somebody in the studio said, “Hey, Rozay would sound pretty good over this” because it kinda feels like a beat Ross would pick. Actually, this feels like most of the songs Nas & Ross have appeared together on. That’s not a bad thing.

Life Is Good will drop on July 17th.

Download: Nas feat. Rick Ross – “Accidental Murderers”