Why You Should Listen To: Danny Brown [MixEP]

Tight pants niggas can’t stand me now/Fuck ’em all except Danny Brown – Sean Price

About a week ago, I posted up the Danny Brown/AraabMuzik track “Molly Ringwald”. In that post I made the statement, “Danny is one of the best rappers out right now”. Because of that statement, a few people called me crazy in the comment section even alluding to that Danny Brown may be even wack (This wasn’t the first time either). Hey, I have no problem people voicing their opinions but I know for a fact that most of those people have never really given Danny Brown a honest listen (I admit the hair & fashion throw a lotta people off). So what do I do with ignorant Hip-Hop listeners? I bring back the Why You Should Listen To series with Why You Should Listen To: Danny Brown. I kept it real short, stayed away from features & cameos, and stayed true to the MixEP format and gave you 7 tracks just to get you started with the Adderall Admiral. CHECK!

1. Greatest Rapper Ever
2. Zap
3. DNA
4. Blunt After Blunt
5. New Era
6. Nowhere 2 Go
7. Dick Suck

Download: Why You Should Listen To: Danny Brown [MixEP]