Slaughterhouse feat. Swizz Beatz – “Throw It Away” [Video]

When Slaughterhouse dropped the teaser for their music video “Throw It Away” a few days back, I watched it like 5 times. Honestly they could have just run that back to back for 4 minutes and I would’ve been good (Watch it and tell me I’m wrong). But of course the actual video has more to it. Slaughterhouse pulls a heist or something but it turns into a ransom, but then they kill the person held for ransom instead but still get the money and celebrate with strippers, and Eminem shows up at the end. I guess that’s the gist of it. Directed by The Syndrome.

Look out for our for our review of Slaughterhouse’s album Welcome To: Our House dropping at the beginning of the week (Fingers crossed).