FROCAST: Episode #54

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Look, I’m too tired to write up a summary for this episode, but y’all know we ain’t shit. You see the image…we ain’t shit. So yeah, just consider that before you press play. One important note though, YOU CAN CALL US AND LEAVE A VOICEMAIL FOR THE STAFF! “Isn’t that wonderful?!” (c) Prince Akeem. You call the Nappyafro Phone Number(347) 201-2572. and leave us a message. You’ve been wanting to leave us a drop? Call us! You want to tell us how much you love the fro? Call us! You want to tell us that we ain’t shit? Call us! You want task for some money…call somebody else. THEN call us and tell us about it. OH, and a shameless plug, head over to and buy one of my workout shirts for you or your girl. Use code NAPFRO and get free shipping in the US.

This weeks HOHN: Mik3y Microphone – “Know You Love Me

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