FROCAST: Episode #65


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Welp, since you didn’t speak up, Saule Wright is back on the frocast (sorry kids). This week there’s no NFL talk (I tried but Jerm shut me down) but we do talk about basketball, women vs. men in pro sports and Griner’s 50 in her last home regular season game (which featured a dunk). We talk about the abundance of horsemeat sammiches out in the UK and even tackle MTV”s hottest MC’s list…well, the ones they’ve already released. After all that, we get into more talk about our community and the extinction of the Black/black man in America. It’s a pretty good show if I do say so myself. Tune into the dopest podcast on the innanets (and shout out to Zo for the inspiration for the show topic).

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HOHN MUSIC BREAK MIX- Brought to you by Simply Dope “Everyone should have a Simply Dope Logo”
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Bridget Perez – “Favorite Things” feat. Smithsoneon – – R&B track
Cada Bug – All I Do” (feat. DiVance W.) [Prod. Block On Da Trakk] @cadabug

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