Sample Clearance: Ronnie Foster – “Mystic Brew”

Ronnie Foster

I’ve only done like six of these “Sample” posts/columns and I’ve already resorted to featuring a sample every Hip-Hop head should know. But this makes sense. Besides being one of the smoothest songs ever, Ronnie Foster‘s “Mystic Brew” is the song that I’ve been waking up to every morning for the past couple of months. It’s probably most known for being sampled on A Tribe Called Quest‘s “Electric Relaxation” off Midnight Marauders, but “Mystic Brew” is literally one of those beats that almost anybody can sound good over. Some examples of the sample below as well as the original.

Ronnie Foster – “Mystic Brew” (1972)
A Tribe Called Quest – “Electric Relaxation” (1993)
J. Cole feat. Kendrick Lamar – “Forbidden Fruit” (2013)
GoldLink – “Electronic Relaxation” (2013)