FROCAST: Episode #100


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MAMA WE MADE IT! Episode 100 of the frocast….gatdamb. Thanks Obama!

That’s a lot of non-fact checking, funny rants, endless inside jokes, legend killing, attacks on black hair, mini black panther marches, gay camps, yoga pants, bad backs, old jokes, young jokes, women slandering, crew slandering, and…well, you get the picture.

On this episode you’ll get a little history behind the site, the FROCAST itself, and a few other gems you may not have known before today. When we recorded, there were only 6 calls but we got some amazing surprises just before the buzzer, which is only right.

Thank you to EVERYONE that called in, anyone who has ever written or read an article we posted, listened to a podcast or mix, bought a shirt, donated to the site, shared a link, liked or RT a link, commented, or have had any affiliation or support for We’re around because y’all wouldn’t have it no other way…and we still ain’t shit. Enough of that sappy shit, fuck facts get funny. It’s another episode of the dopest podcast, period, the FROCAST.

Sidenote #1: This is our longest AND best FROCAST….you’ll need about 2hours to get through this…you’re welcome.
Sidenote #2: Updated with more drops


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