Watch Vice’s Documentary About Atlanta Strippers

Atlanta- Strip City

In a lotta of places in today’s society, it’s not taboo to be a stripper anymore. Actually, some big name strippers are turning to celebrities. All this is very true in the Black strip club capital of the world, Atlanta. So it’s only right for Vice to go down to the A-Town and document the scene as well as interview some strippers (Of course). They visit clubs like Magic City, Diamonds Of Atlanta, & even *shudders* Clermont Lounge (Where strippers go to die).

In Atlanta: Strip City, we travel to Atlanta—the city whose strip clubs pioneered the booty clap back when Miley was still learning to walk. Host Jo Fuertes-Knight talks to the superstar strippers of ATL about how they feel about the music industry’s appropriation of their world. She also sits down for a consultation with a buttock implant doctor, tries out a “twerk-cercise” class, and investigates “stripping licenses,” which allow the state of Georgia to profit from the enduring popularity of watching women take their clothes off onstage.