Aloe Blacc – “The Man” [Video]

The Man

The road that Aloe Blacc has taken to get to this point has had many turns. He didn’t just one day pop up singing on Avicii’s “Wake Me Up”. For example: He graduated from the University of Southern California where he studied psycholinguistics and he was once an underground rapper with Exile in the group Emanon.

Either way, Aloe Blacc is making noise now on his own with “The Man”, a song I’m sure you’ve heard a few hundred times by now, and here’s the video. I guess it makes sense for it to place in past times (It almost like he’s time traveling between time periods) because it feels like Aloe is an old soul. You can find this song on Aloe’s Wake Me Up EP as well as his upcoming album Lift Your Spirit.