Video: ‘First of the Month Episode 1’ Is Vintage Cinematic Cam’ron

First of the Month

If you didn’t already know, Cam’ron dropped a new EP the other day. It’s called First of the Month, Vol. 1. It’s five songs long and I’ve really haven’t had a chance to check it out, but that’s not the point right now. The thing I’m more into in the episodic movies that going along with it. Now that I did get to see and that’s First of the Month: Episode 1

See, Cam had me fooled for a second. He was out here doing shit with A-Trak, wearing capes on the runway during fashion week in New York, being featured in GQ, and hooking back up Dame, Just Blaze, & Dipset. I say all that to say that I kinda expected his new video content to be a step above Killa Season in terms of presentation (At least). These days it’s not as expensive to get a good quality camera and some kids in art school to do your sound.

I was so wrong. First of the Month: Episode 1 is just as ghetto as ever. But for some reason, that’s also why I kinda like it. First of the Month is kinda like Cam’ron the rapper in a sense. While rappers like Jay-Z, Nas, & others have moved on or at least taken the next step career wise, Cam has really never strayed too far out of his lane. And I guess that’s why we love Killa.

Sidenote: You’d think my favorite part in the video would be when Cam’ron dressed up like Ronald McDonald right? Wrong, it’s when JuJu handed him a box of condoms for his out of town trip. Classic.