2014 nappyafro Awards: Albums of the Year

2014 Albums of the Year

We only reviewed around 40 albums this year at nappyafro. We could have done more but some would say it was down year for Hip-Hop in 2014. And while we gave out a few classic or near-classic ratings for albums in 2014, that kinda changes in the voting process for Albums of the Year. 32 albums were nominated to get a ranking for 2014 nappyafro Awards, but some way we got it down to 16 (Note: If a staff member was the only one to vote for an album, it got thrown out).

So here we go. The 2014 nappyafro Awards: Albums of the Year. As usual, feel free to list your own albums of 2014 in the comments. Or not. We basically did the work for you. B-Easy

Sidenote: Some of the writings for albums here are taken from previous album reviews.