Mixtape: Stevie Rogers – SHRED: An Autotune Lullaby


I’m here right now to put y’all on a brief notice real quick like. As y’all know, I am very generous and I love spreading out gems for all of the little children and the old folks and everyone in between. So prepare your ears because this ain’t your normal joint.

Enter Stevie Rogers, a rapper/singer from Philly. And this kid is HOT where he’s from. He just dropped a sonically delicious project for y’all to feast on. Now I know I told y’all about him before, and he’s putting the city on notice. Let it be known that on this post, I called that this guy would be a problem. If you know a SoundCloud rapper tell them they got a little time to get it together. A lot of times Hip-Hop fans long for something different than your typical rappity-rap music or your trappity-trap music, but I can’t call it anything in between either. Yo…look, just listen for yourself b.

This joint is exactly what the title suggests. But it’s not too much, there’s really REALLY evident Kanye/Wayne (goat emojis here) influence here, with some early Frank Ocean influence as well. There’s a lot of tracks on here I love that have gotten heavy play in my truck and if I lay up with a honey you never know b…

A lot of these joints are passionate, a couple are random, with a lot of hilarious lines mixed in. One of my favorite joints “Bathroom” has a smooth beat to it and involves seducing someone’s girl in the bathroom, and coke, and a comical line “I just fuck em then I eat em like some Krabby Patties…” and “My last girl hair so blonde she a Super Saiyan”. I really enjoy Stevie’s version of “Commas” (which has inspired countless hilarious memes), where he adopts this Future & Migos-esque flow to go with the beat. The production on “Baby Mama” is ILL…this sorta sound like something Wayne would do. My FAVORITE joint here… “Strawberry Supreme” … I LOVE this joint b. This got some grown man style all over it, it kinda sound like a Gambino-ish joint too (basically saying “if Bino could pull it off). I ain’t gonna spoil it all here though…

Ayo, give this joint a listen…this is a Soundcloud gem. Follow this dude on Twitter (@SirStevieRogers) and hit his Soundcloud for the tape too. Aight I figured I’d share this with y’all because I love y’all. I’m out…peace. *hops on Flying Nimbus*

Download: Stevie Rogers – SHRED: An Autotune Lullaby