Jhené Aiko Recreates Iconic Tupac Images


Tupac Shakur would have been 44 today and to celebrate his birthday Jhené Aiko recreates some his iconic photos.

Even though when Pac died when Jhené was 8 years old (Sept. 13, 1996), the influence was still there.

Jhené Aiko talked about the reasons behind the images with MTV News:

MTV: You recreated three iconic Tupac photos, that we’ve debuted here today. When did you get the inspiration to recreate these?

Jhené Aiko: I would say like a few years ago. It’s been a few years, but every birthday of his I always want to do something. I feel like I have to give his legacy some type of present. It started off, one time I did a video shoot where they spread his ashes. And it was a coincidence that I was there that day, we were all like, “Wait a minute, this is Tupac’s birthday and we’re here on the same beach.” So after that, it’s been several years since then and every year I want to do something. I wrote a letter one year, I put it on my tumblr. It’s a special day because to me he was such a special person, so this year it was just an idea that me and my team had and I’m passionate about Tupac so it was something and I was like, “Yeah.” It was just random, it just happened on the spot; it was a really good idea for his birthday.

Check out more pictures below. Thank god she recreated the bathtub jewelry one (Which in my opinion is the weirdest Tupac image of all time). Happy Birthday Pac!

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