Future – DS2 [Review]


And they thought I fell off…its the one and only Blog$quiat, aka the real Legend Killer, aka the Russell Westbrook of blogs, aka $ob Marley. It’s been a long time people. Due to some scandals and life itself, I had to let y’all sit with the gifts I’ve given y’all, but I know y’all missed the gems. Twitter said they missed the old Blog$quiat…either way I’m back. Grab a drink, a snack, you gonna need it…

Future has had one hell of a year son. Future dropped Honest, which wasn’t accepted too well, and even Mr. Hendrix acknowledged he could have handled it better. He made Ciara a throw away, and she got with that El Debarge lookin’…interception throwin’ QB Russell Wilson. He has dropped three insanely fire mixtapes, Monster, Beast Mode and 56 Nights, and has inspired the #FutureHive that has taken over Twitter…and they have created hella Photoshops of some of his most memorable lines (“Fuck a cougar like she Halle Berry”, “I pull out my dick and I pee on her”, “I serve a lot of chickens and I’m innocent”…). This has been a huge year, let’s see if Mr. Vandross delivered on this one.

1. Thought It Was A Drought
Produced by Metro Boomin’
Metro Boomin’ is a huge producer these days. Think of him as the newer Lex Luger. By that I mean his beats are literally everywhere. This beat fits well for Future and his outrageous lines. He starts by saying “I just fucked your bitch in some Gucci flip flops”. Future surprisingly opens up with a relatively calm beat, but it’s his usual subject matter. I think the song is saying what Ab-Soul and Takeoff of Migos have said regarding Actavis being discontinued…because they apparently still have it. This joint is aight.

2. I Serve The Bass
Produced by Metro Boomin’
This is an immediate change of pace, and this is what I expect. He FOR SURE served the literal bass here. Future if you read this man you owe me some new speakers. This beat here makes up for the otherwise lazy rhymes here. This woke up my neighbors pit bull. This sound like the midget from Trapped In The Closet mixed with a baby gorilla. Jesus…next.

3. Where Ya At
Produced by Metro Boomin’
This joint features…Aubrey. And this is the only joint with a feature on the album. Now as good as Drake is with features…he should’ve stayed off of this. He kinda jacked this up, trying to do the delivery that Future does. In this case I think Drake should’ve done what he does best…and a lot of his verses sound the same. That being said, this joint is tolerable. I hear a lot of potential #FutureHive photos coming from the quotes in this song…NEXT.

4. Groupies
Produced by Metro Boomin’, Sonny Digital, & Southside
NOW THIS IS A FUTURE BANGER. This is the most ignorant song on the album thus far. Future really snapped here. The subject matter is the same but it sounds different. He sounds a lot hungrier and I love it. Expect this to be played for a long time. It sounds like a hyped up version of “Peacoat” in which Future says “I spent a check on that pussy” over and over. I can’t be mad at this at all.

5. Lil One
Produced by the same dudes from last song…
So I’m noticing a fairly obvious pattern so far in the album. Money… Money… Xanex… Actavis… Hoes… and I’m okay with this. At this point you know what you’re getting with most of the album. I’m not gonna lie though, this one here is skippable.

6. Stick Talk
Produced by Southside
Man I LOVE this joint. I LOVE IT. This is so wild, this beat here, yo RIP to the headphone users for this. The quotables here are HILARIOUS. Salute to my dude @stevezusBBK for the Photoshop where Future says “I’m bout to fuck this cash up on a new toy!”. My favorite line on here is WITHOUT A DOUBT, “I ain’t got no manners for no sluts, Imma put my thumb in her butt!”. This here is unbelievable. Wait til I pull up to my job’s parking lot with this blasting. You can’t skip this.

7. Freak Hoe
Produced by Metro Boomin’
This is the strip club anthem I was waiting on. If the DJ is any good this will be in your local club. Hopefully summa y’all can get a dance. Too many hoes in the club for y’all to not get somethin’ goin. Me? I don’t go to clubs, it’s too many of these Future type folks in there, mess around and get shot or somethin’. Anyway you get the idea, this is a real good joint.

Future DS2

8. Rotation
Produced by…take a guess, you got a 50/50 shot.
Future doesn’t care if you are a famous lady, or a low down ratchet, he will put you in “rotation” for him and all of his friends to deal with. He also selfishly bought all of the Sprite at the gas station… to mix with his Actavis… but there’s not much to it, this ain’t too wild or nothin’ but I’m not mad.

9. Slave Master
Produced by “50/50”
Okay this is a nice little switch up. This is a deeper and darker beat, so let’s focus on that. I’m not here to turn up and cause some fuckery. This is Future at some of his best. He’s got a a nice singing part right before he salutes to the gone too soon creator of the A$AP Mob. Rest In Power to Yamborghini… in his words… “OH IT’S FUCKIN’ LIT”.

10. Blow A Bag
Produced by…yeah.
Here Future Hendrix explains to us that he blows one bag of weed a day. So its fine if we go ahead and say that Future is high all of the time. That’s a lot of weed man. This is a single from the album and it has a nice video to go with it. At this point we know what we’re getting with Future and we know for a fact that Future is living better than we are. He’s enjoying his life, especially since he’s made Ciara a throw away. But anyway I think this is skippable.

11. Colossal
Produced by… ZAYTOVEN
We all know Future and Zaytoven are a potent combination. On Beast Mode, Zay was a prevalent force, and he is well known for his piano laden beats. At this point we’re kinda focusing on the beats here, because we know already know what Mr. Hendrix is about. This is a cool lil’ joint, which leads into one of my favorite songs on the album…

12. Rich $ex
Produced by y’all already know…
See… the only thing better than sex is… RICH $ex… for rich people. If y’all ever had it let me know how it is, must be nice. I love this joint though, its a little different. He brings up the fact that he needs a freak in the sheets (don’t we all?) and he wants to keep his jewelry on while he does it, to prove how rich he is. At this point I’m reminded that I really ain’t shit.

13. Blood On The Money
Produced by Cassius Jay, Zaytoven, & Metro Boomin’
This is an interesting way to close out the album. This is a low key beat, in which Future has the listeners picture him living his crime lord lifestyle in which he counts money whether clean or dirty. It seems as if no matter if the money is clean or dirty, Future still wants it all. And that’s a pretty good way to sum up the album. Future is great at making imagery from his verses, and that’s how he closes.

Bottom Line:
Okay so to sum it up, DS2 is not 56 Nights, Monster, or Beast Mode. This is it’s own animal, and it’s not bad. This is a good way to continue his run as the hottest of 2015. It’ll be interesting to see how he finishes it up, with a new album apparently in the works. Future reminds me of Pusha T and Wiz Khalifa. The way he takes the same topic and puts it on a song and still makes it interesting. Yes it has it’s flaws but it’s not bad at all… I’m giving it a 3.5. This is Twitter’s version of a classic jewel. I believe Future will continue his run.

Okay so I know y’all glad to see me back. I’m here to continue to supply y’all with some gems, and you can always come to me for them. Salute to Future and the #FutureHive. Okay so this is done, imma have this latte and French Toast Crunch… I’m out… peace negus and negettes. *Teleports into the wind*