Future – Honest [Review]


Future. Future Hendrix. Future Vandross. The new T-Pain. Ciara’s Baby Daddy. Whatever you want to call him, I just know him as the dude that had that song with a post-prison T.I. verse and that other song with Drake. I thought the Dungeon Family affiliated rapper was only good around others but then he released “Same Damn Time” and “Turn On The Lights” and I paid attention to him. I still can’t really say that I’m a fan of his. I’ve gone back and tried to listen to his earlier projects Astronaut Status and Streetz Is Calling. There were some songs that I liked but I found it difficult to listen to a full project of his. In 2014, Future is the hook man behind some of last year’s biggest hits, whether they were Hip-Hop favorites like “Bugatti” or “U.O.E.N.O” or R&B/Pop duets with Rihanna and Miley Cyrus. With those accomplishments over time, maybe on this project he’s able to make enough hits for himself to last for an entire album.

1. Look Ahead
Produced by The Runners
The voice on the hook sounds like Santigold. Energetic vocal performance, but nothing memorable lyrically.

2. T–Shirt
Produced by Nard & B
Is this the 2014 version of “White T”? Why name a song something so simple? Two songs in and I already have doubt that the rest of an album is going to be worthwhile

3. Move That Dope
Featuring Pharrell Williams, Pusha T, & Casino; Produced by Mike WiLL Made It & P-Nasty
This is how you start an album. It is unfortunate that the lead single is overshadowed by the guest verses from Pusha T and Pharrell, but Future develops “another catchy hook that you don’t want to sing but can’t help it” to his resume. While the video version does not feature the verse from Freebanz signee, Casino, the album gets the original version. They should have gone with the video version for the album. His verse does not add anything to the song. Is it weird that I enjoy Future’s “Ah, push it” and Pharrell’s “Don’t it make you feel good” ad-libs more than Casino’s verse?

4. My Momma
Featuring Wiz Khalifa; Produced by Mike WiLL Made It & J-Bo
This is the song that I will be singing at 2 AM in the middle of the club. That’s all you need to know about this song. Read the hook:

My Momma ain’t raised no ho
My niggas they wrap that dough
These niggas ain’t got no hope
They runnin’ and kickin’ in doors
My Momma ain’t raised no ho
My niggas they wrap that dough
These niggas ain’t got no hope
They running and kicking in doors
My Momma ain’t raised no ho

Also, this is the first time since the “U.O.E.N.O. (Remix)” that I’ve enjoyed a Wiz Khalifa verse.

5. Honest
Produced by DJ Spinz & Metro Boomin’
Just when I’m chopping bricks and talking ish in my mind, the album changes abruptly. I hate when rappers/singers say, “this is for the ladies.” Music should be enjoyed by all genders, race, and ages, but I can’t get with this. Ladies, you can have this, DJ Spinz and Metro Boomin did a great job on the production, but I don’t want to hear the crooning.

6. I Won
Featuring Kanye West; Produced by Metro Boomin’
Like “Honest,” Metro Boomin provides great production, but I ain’t trying to hear what Future talking about. One of the reasons why I was looking forward to this album was the guest list, but I forgot that a Kanye West feature nowadays is a toss in the air. Once again, he raps about how happy he is to have Kim Kardashian in his life except this time all the females of the Kardashian/Jenner clique get a mention. As a listener, I feel like I ain’t win nothing from this song.

Honest Review

7. Never Satisfied
Featuring Drake; Produced by Mike WiLL Made It & J-B0
What the hell? You got a Mike Will Made It beat, a legitimate song topic, and a Drake feature, why is it only a 1:55 long? It just cuts off. There must be a full version somewhere else. It felt like it was going somewhere and it just cut off.

8. I Be U
Produced by Detail
More crooning, but this has the most noticeable Auto-Tune. The song is about, never mind, JUST SKIP.

9. Covered N Money
Produced by Sonny Digital
“Covered N Money” got skipped by me before when it was an early leak off the album. Now that I have listened to it in its entirety, SKIP! Shame on Sonny Digital for adding every sound we hear in the million other songs from Atlanta in this song.

10. Special
Featuring Young Scooter; Produced by 808 Mafia
This song lives up to its name. It is a welcomed departure from the mediocre songs I had to pass to get to this. Future reflects on his former friends/associates that didn’t live up to their potential. Speaking of which, why is Young Scooter credited as a guest? Besides saying “Juug” and other Trap/D-Boy sayings like, “Count Up” and “Go To Work”, he didn’t add anything to the song. Still worth a listen.

11. Benz Friend (Whatchutola)
Featuring Andre 3000; Produced by Mr. DJ
I shouldn’t love the hook, but Andre 3000 and the album’s host just make it sound so good:

I told that bitch I’on’t give a fuck about a Benz, bitch
I told that bitch I’on’t give a fuck about a Benz, bitch
I told that bitch I’on’t give a fuck about a Benz, bitch
And I don’t want no bitch who need to have that kind of friendship
I told that bitch I’on’t give a fuck about a Lamb, ho
I told that bitch I’on’t give a fuck about a Lamb, ho
I told that bitch I’on’t give a fuck about a Lamb, ho
And I don’t want no bitch who need that kind of nigga, scram, ho
These cars don’t mean shit, these hoes don’t mean shit
These clothes don’t mean shit, these shows don’t mean shit
(Whatchutola, what, whatchutola)
(Whatchutola, what, whatchutola)

And yes, once again we get a great verse from the dude from the Gillette commercials. I wonder if he’s been working on a secret album during this whole hiatus of his:

I told the girl I’m ’bout to sell the Porsche, I’m tired of it
She go and told these folks I’m goin’ broke, a smile poured
From my lips, cuz if I’m broke, it’s only hearted
Broken records from broken English, that’s all it
Hol’ up and if I were, why? Would you throw a party?
Affection is so convenient when ballin’
Correction: these hoes don’t mean it when fallin’
I guess that’s why Lois can’t be with Clark Kent
Fly on a nigga back while he Superman
But if I’m in a wheelchair, you still there?
Stop searchin’ for words, I feel stupid, man
The shit is the Pittsburgh, I still care
White button downs and Emory scrubs
Had to write her birthday down because my memory sucks
But this shit comes back up like some acid reflux
Or a Michael Jackson jacket with some plastic zippers
I was zippin’ through the city and I don’t give a fuck
1994 Toyota Land Cruiser because
That bitch ain’t never broke down on me, why would I do that to her?
Simplism, symbolism, I’ll pull up at a club
And might not never buy a new car again, if I can help it
Cause if I buy one, they gon sell ten, then what I’m left with?
Throw a nigga one on the strength, then we might could talk
Til’ then, I will ride my fuckin’ bike, or walk

Now that I’ve heard the CDQ version of this song, I can almost forgive Future Hendrix for taking up time Killer Mike could’ve been on stage during Outkast’s Coachella performance.

I’m a fan of the back and forth between Future and 3 Stacks following the 2nd verse. I’m not going to post those lyrics because I want y’all to hear it and the random Lil’ Boosie mention is just a perfect ending to my favorite song on the regular version of the album. Ohhh! On the tenth repeat of this song, I figured out that “Whatchutola” is “What You Told Her.” Mr. DJ did a great job on the production with the sample used for the background vocals.

12. Blood, Sweat, and Tears
Produced by Boi-1da
“Everybody want to be famous, don’t nobody want to work!” With that said, Future still wishes nonbelievers of him and his goals were around to see what he accomplished after grinding for so many years. “We don’t give a fuck about sleeping on floors” is my favorite line from the album closer because before the album, I thought about the hardest line I heard from Future was the “Told my Grandma, I don’t need a bed, I’m sleeping on the floor” from “Itchin.” Great finish to an album that had a lot of questionable choices.

I know Big Rube makes appearances on Dungeon Family albums, but was he the voice from ATL when they didn’t tell the audience if Ant or Rashad got shot by Big Boi? Anyway, I liked his monologue about not letting anything from his past actions tether or stall his future. This could have been the best feature after Andre 3000 if it would have made the official album. Usually, we don’t talk about bonus tracks during album reviews, but I have to talk about these ones. “Side Effects” and “How Can I Not” should’ve been on the album after “I Won” instead of “Never Satisfied” and “I Be U.” I don’t have a problem with Future singing when the tempo is upbeat. Well, I finally got the Young Scooter verse that I wanted on “How Can I Not” and this could have been left off the bonus tracklist. Wow, I never noticed how much “Shit” and “War Ready” sound just alike. Mike Will should be ashamed of himself. Finally, after being released a year ago, “Karate Chop” still goes in the headphones.

Bottom Line:
One of Future’s greatest strengths/weakness is his ability to switch from Trap/Club-influenced records to R&B ballads without any warning for listeners. Honest is divided into 3 different sections of four songs. The 1st 4th feature the hard hitting tracks “Move That Dope” and “My Momma.” The 2nd 4th features the straight R&B that Futures does. Unfortunately, “Honest” is the only song from that section that I like. The final four, excluding “Covered N Money” features the somewhat introspective/reflective side of the Freebandz Gang leader. After some deletes and rearranging, I think I’ve found a project from Future Vandross that can live in my ears and be a 3 star album, but the version I have now does not deserve that rating.