Watching Movies & Shit Podcast: Episode #9


This is the behind the scenes episode of the WMAS podcast. Nijla Mu’min, Bay-Area native, film school grad, Award-Winning screenwriter/online contributor, and independent director, gave me lessons about the entertainment industry and why Menace II Society is so important to her. Whether reviewing other’s works or being reviewed herself, Ms. Mu’min believes that the storyteller being able to create their work is most important. Our main topic on this episode was’s list of 100 Women Directors Hollywood Should Be Hiring, our favorites, and one’s missing. We also share opinions on our distaste for awards/award shows.

Her Recommended/Recently Watched: Ayanda (Currently in select theaters) and Beasts Of No Nation (Available on Netflix).

My Recommended/Recently Watched: A Scout’s Guide To A Zombie Apocalypse (Currently in theaters) and The Purge: Anarchy (Available on HBO on Demand).


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