Album Sales: Rihanna is #1 + Kevin Gates is #2


After all the confusion of album sales and Billboard charts last week, Rihanna‘s new album Anti expectedly jumps from #27 to the #1 spot this week. It sold around 166,000 with 123,000 of that total being physical sales. Like I said last week, if I was Rihanna it wouldn’t matter to me either way seeing that Samsung already cut the check for a million albums and the RIAA already got the Platinum plaque ready.

You now who I’m really proud of this week? Kevin Gates. I’ll go ahead and admit that while I’m a bigger fan of Gates’ outlandish interviews that his actual music, it just feels cool that his album Islah is the #2 album in the country. It’s right above Adele’s monster album 25 (Which sits at #3) and right below Rihanna’s Anti. Actually, Islah sold around 112,000 copies so it didn’t lose the top position by much. Think about what would happen if Kevin Gates had the #1 album in the country? I wouldn’t know that to call it! *Adds Islah to iTunes*