Marvel Brings More Hip-Hop Variant Covers


I hope Marvel never stops making Hip-Hop inspired covers for their comic books. Just look at Luke Cage posing as LL Cool J and tell that isn’t dope. Nova as Chance The Rapper! Dr. Doom as Big Daddy Kane! JESSICA JONES AS KEVIN GATES?!!

via Playboy:

Last year, this connection inspired Marvel to launch a line of 50 variant covers with characters posing as luminaries like Ice Cube, Kool Moe Dee and Lauryn Hill from their game-changing album covers. Today, introduces six new entries for Marvel’s second wave launching this fall, with covers offering tribute to the Wu-Tang Clan, Salt N Pepa, Big Daddy Kane, Kevin Gates, Chance the Rapper and LL Cool J. (Scroll down to see side-by-side comparisons.) This art will debut on the covers for the comics Champions #1 by Rahzzah, Ultimates 2 #1 by Risa Hulett, Infamous Iron Man #1 by Anthony Piper, Jessica Jones #1 by Jeff Dekal, Nova #1 by Christian Ward and Cage! #1 by Marco D’Alfonso.