Alt-Day Sunday: Chester French – “Interesting Times”


It’s been a bad week that has made me come to a realization and make a big decision. I could’ve chosen Chrisette Michelle’s “Epiphany” for this week, but that song is really about learning how you’re in a bad relationship and should end it immediately. I’m angsty right now in my life. I have fear and anxiety over doing something that I’ve never done, but I feel like necessary to make my life complete and have purpose. No big deal! This Sunday is Alt-Day Sunday because, I can’t think of another genre with more angst than my favorite alternative sub-genre, Pop-Rock.

From their sophomore album, MUSIC 4 TNGRS, the criminally slept on duo of Max and D.A., Chester French, end their project with the reflective, “Interesting Times”. Really dark, I mean the song opens with the line, “I can’t believe, I’m going to die one day”. The feeling of angst is associated with teenagers because of their self-examination nature and self preservation. They only look out for themselves. As you get older, you realize there are other people in your life that you can dedicate your life to besides yourself. I’m going to live through some of my angst from my teenage years for awhile now and when I’m done I’ll reflect on the interesting times.