R&B Sunday: Marques Houston – “That Girl”


Marques Houston is known today as the star of TV One movies and a newly baptized Jehovah’s witness. When he made his 1st appearance in the mainstream world, he was Batman of the teen R&B group, or boy band depending on your definition, Immature, later known as IMX as they went on to star in House Party 4. I hope and believe that he is best known for his role as Roger, the annoying neighbor to Tia and Tamera on Sister, Sister.

With all of these accomplishments and a career that has spanned decades, I wanted this week’s R&B Sunday to bring attention to a little known fact: Marques Houston had a nice solo run. Of course, everyone remembers “Naked” and its remix with (Who!) Mike Jones being on their burned mix CD’s with multiple Pretty Ricky songs back in high school. I’m remembering “Circle” being on BET’s Midnight Soul & “All Because Of You” being on 106 and Park. I can’t be the only one that has memories of The Box before it became MTV2 playing “Pop That Body” and “Clubbin'” with Joe Budden non stop. This post is the song that started the solo career, the Michael Jackson influenced, “That Girl”.