Chrys J – “Reservations”


RMR artist, Chrys J, drops his new track “Reservations”. Being both the producer and lyricist for the track, Chrys J proves why he is easily the indie label’s most versatile artist.

Chrys describes “Reservations” as a “double entendre”. In regards to music, he interprets the song as his way of saying “keep a place for him” in the music industry. At the same time, he expresses his concerns with the world today in regards to the excessive shootings of Black Americans, and twists the meaning as “keep a place for him” in heaven, in case anything were to happen.


Listen to “Reservations” for yourself below and be sure to comment, and most importantly follow Chrys J to let him know what you think!

IG/Twitter: @chrysj_ @wearermr