Alt-Day Sunday: The New Respects – “Come As Your Are”

Just flipping through the music channels one late night/early morning and a video caught my attention. A video that featured a party taking place in a mansion isn’t a new concept, at first I thought it was Lady Gaga’s “Beautiful, Dirty, Rich”, but the song, “Money” was the perfect introduction/analogy for The New Respects and the reason why they formed. The party AKA their band needs to exist, even if it’s a place, mansion or industry, that doesn’t allow them to be there.

The New Respects are a Tennessee band draped under the influence of Folk, Soul, Blues, and Rock & Roll and are comprised of the Fitzgerald siblings, twins Alexis, bassist, and Zandy, lead guitar, Darius, drums, and their cousin, Jasmine Mullen, lead vocals. Their 5 track EP, Here Comes Trouble is out now and I picked my favorite for today, “Come As You Are”.