Jazzy – “New Day/Eff Off” & “Picture You And Me”

Jazzy is a singer from Paterson, New Jersey and her SoundCloud has been LITTY!, in my blogger opinion. In the months following the release of her Bonnie EP, she has sporadically released new music that makes me wish and hope a new project is coming or at least a video. I was hesitant to make a post since there are at this time no info on what Jazzy has planned.

Her latest upload is a remix of everyone’s favorite, Future’s “Mask Off” titled, “New Day/Eff Off”. Most of the song is producer Shahid Tha 13th showing off his skills reworking the Metro Boomin’ production before Jazzy On The 1’s and 2’s delivers a stellar verse. The other song I’m posting is “Picture You And Me”, produced by TheGreaterChild, which is definitely a song that could’ve fit on Mack Wilds‘s first album and can fit on radio. Check the SoundCloud and watch out for new music that I guess is coming soon.