Boosie Badazz on Complex’s ‘Everyday Struggle’

One day, I was in my car on my break at work reading The Autobiography of Gucci Mane and “I Get The Bag” came on the radio. I had an eerie, meta feeling as I was reading about the evolution of Radric Davis while his latest popular single was playing on the radio as his second release of 2017, Mr. Davis was on the way. I couldn’t help but wonder why Boosie hasn’t been having the same post-prison success. We waited for 5 years and saw him beat a murder charge, came home to release Touchdown To Cause Hell, a comeback album I enjoyed in 2015 and released four full-length projects in 2016 (Highly recommend everybody listen to Thug Talk!), so why did I unfollow Boosie Badazz on IG last week?

Maybe I still feel some type of way because the jacket I ordered from his clothing line, Jewell House, couldn’t be ordered properly. It could be that I still think his artist, B Will, from my hometown, Shreveport, should not be rapping over production that sounds dated ala Trill Ent in 2006. I want to hear him rap over better beats. Maybe it’s the lack of promoting his music, you see his IG page, it’s mostly funny memes. Maybe it is his random attacks on gay people and the non-existent brain-washing of children. (He made “They Dykin”, do you know how many girls in my high school came out because of that song?!) I’m not checking for Boosie as much as I used to but, I still have some interest. We’ll see if this press run changes my mind in the next two weeks.

His double disc, BooPac comes out December 15th along with Eminem’s Revival, N.E.R.D’S No One Ever Really Dies, and G-Eazy’s The Beautiful and Damned. Each artist has a different fanbase and their own lane. I’ll let y’all guess which order I will be listening to these albums.