No Beef: Why Hip-Hop is Going Vegan [Video]

I’m not saying go vegan. I’m just saying try some vegan meals when you go out to eat or atleast have one day without eating meat. After schooling us on chopped cheeses in Queens, NY two years ago, Complex’s Speedy Morman returns to takes us from Atlanta to L.A. to document the rise, impact, influence, and importance of plant-based meals in the HIp-Hop and Black community. 

As veganism becomes increasingly popular, some of hip-hop’s most notable names are taking part: Jay Z and Beyonce offered concert tickets to fans who adopted plant-based diets; Jaden Smith launched a vegan food truck for the homeless; ASAP Rocky rapped about being vegan on his new single. Complex News Presents sits down with Jermaine Dupri, Lemel Durrah, founder of Compton Vegan, and Olympia Auset, founder of SUPRMARKT, to explore the reasons some rappers are trying veganism, and how plant-based diets address issues relevant to the communities they come from.

Another reason to try vegan food, look at the ridiculous foods being created by fast food restaurants.