Nicki Minaj – “Chun-Li” & “Barbie Tingz”

As promised, Nicki Minaj jumps off her sabbatical and drops her two anticipated singles: “Chun-Li” & “Barbie Tingz”. If I were to give a snap judgement on these songs I just listened to for the first time, it feels like more of the Nicki from the past. She’s just rapping and talking shit and not even trying to lean to her pop sensibilities. I don’t know yet if this we help in her mini-comeback but people yearning for the mixtape Nicki will love this.

On another note, that cover for “Chun-Li” gives me a special feeling and it’s not in my heart…

Both of these J Reid produced tracks are supposedly off Nicki’s yet untitled forth studio album (She has told already Zane Lowe that “This is the best album I’ve ever, ever, ever created in my life”).