R&B Sunday: Ella Mai – “Naked”

I’m four days into my new apartment; no internet, no microwave, and no dryer. This morning, I ended my umpteen call with Spectrum Internet and started to clean up with Ella Mai‘s album playing on my phone. I have no explanation why I chose the British transplant’s debut as my Swifter soundtrack. Subconsciously, I must have thought it would be better to listen to her debut instead of watching her performances from last night’s SNL.

Her self-titled debut deserves more credit so this post is here to do that honor. The last track, the bonus, “Naked” is about being transparent with a loved one. So transparent that you can see your love without clothes or armor and accept them. What’s even more impressive is that they can accept your love. Happy Sunday! Pray that everyone gets the internet service they deserve and check out Ella Mai’s self-titled album.