Watch The First Episode of Jordan Peele’s ‘Twilight Zone’ Reboot

Oh, I get it CBS and Jordan Peele. Release the episode titled “The Comedian” on April Fool’s Day. I see what y’all did there. I was just going to wait for the season to be done and then get a free trial of the CBS All Access streaming service, but I’ take a sneak peek into what this new iteration of Rod Sterling’s classic series. I wonder if this means the theme song is going to be remixed like they did “I Got Five On It” for Us.

After receiving advice from a legendary comedian (Tracy Morgan), a stand-up comic (Kumail Nanjiani) incorporates details about the lives of people he knows into his routine, unaware that every joke he makes results in someone being erased from existence.

Also starring Amara Karan and DeWanda Wise.