Playlist: Gentrify Your Own Hood

“In other words, life is just a fight against your disbelief” – Nipsey Hussle, “Rose Clique” (2011)

It has been over a month since the life of Ermias Joseph Asghedom AKA Nipsey Hussle was taken from the world. The memorial service at the Staples Center was beautiful enough, also, murals and vigils have flooded the world to show respect to the South Central L.A. native.

Unfortunately, others have used his death to make a buck in the worst possible ways. We saw after the release of free tickets to his memorial service, they went on sale online. Most recently, his memorial in front of his store, Marathon Clothing, has been shut down due to too many opportunists. Last Friday, I was in a gas station that only took cash and couldn’t help notice the unofficial Nipsey Hussle shirts on sale as soon as I walked in that I had to duck under to get to the counter. Like I said before if you want to honor the Marathon, buy from the store or play his music. He owned his masters. In the last few weeks I have gone back through his catalog on TIDAL (his favorite service for payouts) and decided to share a playlist of my favorite songs from the man that screamed, “All Money In” to his last day.