The Jonas Brothers on ‘Hot Ones’ [Video]

Nick, Joe, and uh, ummm, *snaps fingers* Kevin Jonas are the first guests on the Season 9 premiere of Hot Ones with Sean Evans.

The Jonas Brothers are back, and so is Hot Ones! Season 9 kicks off in epic fashion with more guests and more wings than the table has ever seen. The band’s new album, Happiness Begins, is set to release on June 7th, followed by a reunion tour—their first in nearly a decade. But how are the boys with spicy food? Find out as Nick, Joe, and Kevin battle the wings of death and discuss everything from Met Gala hangouts with OBJ, to Taylor Swift’s innovative anti-paparazzi techniques. It feels good to be back, spice lords!

S/O to the trio for restoring the feeling of 08′ again.