Bodega Boys Ep 168: Sitting On Wood [Video]

You guys, times are hard. I’ve been unemployed for over a month now and I’m still not stressed. I’m annoyed about the archaic systems and methods of applying to and interviewing for jobs. Also, I’m bored. I haven’t taken advantages of my free weekdays, because I’m still not in that mindset that I have free time so my weekends are still when I plan for fun. Two weekends ago, I had a Saturday that was worthwhile with my usual yoga in the park to start my day, vegan food from a Black owned business in Dallas, an art show/interview, a snowcone, a Mexican festival, and spending time with some friends.

But fuck all that, I forgot I bought a ticket to see Desus & Mero live. No!!!!!! It was until it was 10:3pmM that I realized it was August 24th. I went to StubHub immediately to sell the ticket, but alas the show was already over. Fun fact: The artist from the art exhibit went to the show that night. She appreciates the art and I do too as the Bodega Boys return to the podcast world this week to supply us with their commentary on the world as it burns before our eyes. Oh yeah, and of course porn talk. Enjoy!

 This week: vacations, Hawaii, Knicks fans vs Mets fans and more.